white nectarine mini-crisp

a mini white nectarine crisp

OK, so I know what this looks like. It looks like another summer recipe. (After I already posted a fall recipe, saying that it’s fall.) But it’s a really versatile summer recipe! You can sub apples and make it a fall recipe! Or sub frozen blueberries and make it an anytime recipe. Plus, some people in the world haven’t even had summer yet. And maybe some people live in a magical place where white nectarines are in season all year long. So I’m going to say it’s appropriate, and just run with it.


simplest blueberry muffins

Sorry for the yellow night lighting. 🙁

Happy Monday!  It’s such a foreign idea to me that summer is ending.  With the bar exam just a few weeks behind us, it feels like it’s barely begun.  Even so, I know I should get my blueberry recipes out of the way now, so here’s the second of the two I made this summer.  Last week I posted the first of two blueberry recipes I made this summer, blueberry buckle coffee cake, and today’s recipe is just plain old blueberry muffins.

Just like with chocolate chip cookies, it seems like everyone has their own preference for what the best blueberry muffin should taste like. They can be biscuit-y or cake-y or drier or moister or sweeter or milder; there are variations with yogurt, with streusel topping, with brown butter, with sour cream, with buttermilk and turbinado sugar and everything in between. There have been showdowns. It’s serious business.  And overwhelmed by choice, I couldn’t commit to any of them and just went with something simple.


blueberry buckle coffee cake

buckle cake mid-serving

Happy Tuesday!  After all the excitement of Sunday, it’s just been sunny peacefulness as usual here.  (Phew.)  Before blueberries go out of season, I thought I’d share the first of a couple of recipes with blueberries that I made earlier in the summer, during one of those kicks where boxes of fat blueberries are overflowing on the grocery shelves and going for something like a dollar apiece and the sale-monger in you can’t resist buying like four. (Maybe that’s just me.)  The first is an amazing blueberry buckle coffee cake recipe from Annie’s Eats, and the second is a simple blueberry muffin recipe that I cobbled together, which I’ll post sometime next week.


triple berry tartlets


One of the first blogs I ever started following was Cupcakes and Cashmere. It’s remarkable how much my focus has shifted over the last few years in terms of what blogs I like to read; initially it was purely fashion blogs, but as I’ve come to cook more and more, and especially in the years since I’ve come to live in my own apartment, blogs on cooking and interior design have almost totally eclipsed my former interests. The great thing about Cupcakes and Cashmere is that, while I initially found her through her fashion posts, the wonderful mix that she posts of all three of my interests keeps me constantly engaged in reading her blog. A couple of weeks ago, she posted a recipe for a Triple Berry Pie from Cook’s Illustrated (and first made here) that looked absolutely amazing — so, since I’ve never made a berry-based pie before, I thought it was time to try it.