Sunday smoothies // fun experiments!

Look! It’s a video! By Bowl #2!

This is a little project that Bowl #2 and I decided to try out over the weekend, and maybe continue in the future. B2 was on the fence about posting it because it was really supposed to be a practice run, and it”s a little rough around the edges.  But I love it and convinced him to share it anyways! I’m always a little surprised that I’m the one with a blog, because B2 is really the creative one between the two of us — I’m so excited that we have a chance to work on something together, and hopefully share a little bit of his creativity with you. We’ll see if we continue to do videos, but for now, I hope you like this snippet of our weekend.  Just a little something extra for the Monday blues. Wishing you all a lovely week ahead!

Music:  The Flashbulb, Comfort Inside Plastic